About Me

Who is RH Moto Worx?

The founder of RH Moto Worx is a mechanic, machinist, engineer, entrepreneur, thrill seeker, inventor, racer, and down to earth realist.

Why is there an RH Moto Worx?

I have seen many people on threads, forums, and in talking be let down when their cool trick parts go out of production, or use some specialty bearing or part that eventually out costs the part and the part gets tossed or becomes very hard to find. I have always made parts for myself and friends, with a goal of simplicity and serviceability. When you buy things from me, it will generally be a bolt on parts that uses off the shelf bearings/bushings...etc. for serviceability. This gives you confidence that you will be able to run and service your parts for a very long time, and everything I have is made in the U.S.A.